I feel inspired: an update

Hello, it is very rare for me to feel the urge to actually write a proper “chatty ” blog post, but, today just feels like one of those very peculiar days. Enjoy.

Music, Anime, and Writing

Today is a day just like any other.

I get home, go upstairs, sit at my desk, open my laptop and do my homework. After all this is completed, I may then spend the rest of the day as I please. I  usually unwind like most modern teenagers these days; I carry on listening to music (something which I listen to whilst doing pretty much anything, as it helps me concentrate and keeps me calm), watch YouTube, read a book, or, because I am a huge weeb, watch anime.

Today was such a day that the latter was on my mind. However, also feeling the urge to write (and keeping in mind my addiction to music), I decided to combine four of my favourite pass times; I listened to my anime openings/endings playlist on YouTube, and decided to write.

Now, I notice that such a seemingly mundane pastime, may not be such an invigorating reason to write a whole blog post, but it is what I discovered whilst doing this, that I wish to discuss. Before I do, however, I would like to acknowledge that what I am about to discuss may not relate or appeal to everyone, so I apologize in advance if you are not a huge weeb, unlike me, which may therefore make this post appeal to quite a niche audience, due to the references.

Music and feelings

Whilst listening to my playlist, I discovered something that many people have probably already discovered multiple times before; songs (for me it’s more effective with anime openings/endings for some reason) have the strange ability to change your emotions almost instantly.

Flicking between Ally Kerr’s ‘The  Sore Feet Song’ (one of my personal favourite softer openings) from Muchishi to ‘What’s up people’ by Maximum the hormone (a band name which, I personally find, equally awesome and amusing) from Death Note, and everything else in-between; some of my current favourites including, Death Parade’s ‘Flyers’ by BRADIO, and, of course, the infamous Cowboy Bebop’s ‘Tank!’ by The Seatbelts; (again, another equally amusing name). I realised that depending on the genre of music you are listening to (although the plot of the respective anime and the lyrics, may also make an impact; NO! Hetalia. For the last time! Drawing a circle does not constitute as the Earth!), your mood can change almost instantaneously.

For example, more beat-heavy openings (or songs) such as Attack on Titan’s (or Shingeki no Kyojin if you prefer)Guren no Yumiya ( or ‘Jiyuu no Tsubasa) by Linked Horizon often makes me feel as badass as Levi Ankerman himself (a bold statement, I know). Whereas other, softer openings such as (as mentioned above) Mushishi’s, or Your Lie in April’s ‘Hikaru Nara’, can have an instant calming (or crying) affect.

All examples (thoroughly) covered, the main point I’m trying to make is that all music, whether anime related or not, can have a direct affect on your mood. I know this is probably not any big, or exciting news to most of you out there, but I, at least, found it inspiring and interesting enough to write an entire blog post. I found it very interesting, (and funny) to see how the music affected what and at which pace I wrote this.

For anyone who may have actually stayed to the end of this, and not fallen asleep, I applaud you. Well done, and thank you; considering this post was basically just an opportunity for me to rant about anime. Having said that, if anyone does actually like anime (or music, as a matter of fact), I’d love to hear your opinions on this as well. Hopefully it’s not just me.








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