Nexilis: An update for the future.

Hey. After much pondering (yes how British of me), I have decided to try and rewrite Nexilis. As mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying to add a ‘sequel’ of sorts to my original post ‘Nexilis’, after a close friend requested the continuation or a possible ending to, what was only supposed to be a way for me to practise the inclusion of speech within a fictional universe. However, in doing so, I have created something of which I have deemed more suitable an opening for the story than the original. Thus, I would like to post a rewrite of Nexilis, enabling me to start from scratch. I understand this may become confusing, so I plan to delete the original post, and will repost this one in it’s place. I aim to update the story (as I’ve managed to develop it quite a bit in the months since I published it), one chapter per blog post. However, please be noted that I may do short unrelated stories in between chapters. To reduce confusion further I am planning on titling each of the Nexilis series under the title ‘Nexilis pt-‘. I aim to get the first 3 parts out within the next 3 days, but any updates after that may become slightly inconsistent, due to my work load set to increase again in September. For this I am very sorry, but I’ll try to upload as often as a possibly can, as I love working on my blog. Any other work will be titled individually. I’m sorry for the confusion, but, as a writer whom is always looking to improve her work, I feel this is the best course of action I can take. Thank you for understanding. Clara. ❤









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