Where have you been?

I expect most of you (from what little following I have, thank you if you’re one of them by the way), may be asking this question; “where have you been for over 3 months?”, after I pledged in a post to try and keep up with my blog. To that, I raise you an apology. I have been very busy preparing for and settling into university for the past few months, so haven’t had chance to maintain my blog. Now that I’m finally settled in however, I have the time to write more posts on here. I don’t promise it will be regular, but I’ll try my best to post at least once a month.

With the initial objective of this post achieved, I would now like to explain yesterday’s post;

As you can probably tell by now, I wrote a poem. I initially did this for a uni assignment, and having received such positive feedback on it, I decided to publish it.

“So, why did you publish the article before the update?” I will try and answer this without sounding too pretentious, but it’s basically because I wanted to see how it would be received and interpreted without any context for 24hrs. I thought it would be interesting to see what people would think, even if that thought was; “yep, I like this”.

“So, what is the true context of the poem?” Well, without meaning to disappoint, there is little, bar the fact that it was for a uni assignment on performance poetry. I guess, it may be slightly based on my anxiety, and how that stops me from fitting in with normal society that well, but really, I’d like  to leave the poem up to interpretation; hence why I published it without context.

Anyway, thank you to those who’ve made it this far, let alone actually read this post; I know that it’s quite a rambling one. I promise my next post will be more creative writing, or something a little more interesting, at least.

In short, thank you for being patient.



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