WHAM! BAM! Thank you mum! (And dad)

Saturday 13th February 1988

A time when I didn’t exist yet. The thought of me had not even crossed the minds of my- then 21 year old- parents as they walked, or ran, or travelled by  whatever means they found acceptable, around their home town.

I can almost picture it; my biker-chic mother, with platinum blonde hair in ringlet curls; leather jacket strewn over her shoulder as her electric-blue eyeliner(which she still wears to this day, but more toned down)  glints in the reminiscence of the low winter sun. The sound of her pointy-toed stiletto’s echo throughout the neighbourhood as she hops onto the back of a motorcycle, being careful not to catch her denim mini-skirt on the seat. Helmet-hair was never a concern of hers, after all, this was the 80’s; the time of BIG  glitz, BIG glam, and BIG hair, and, like many others, she was a fan of BIG tunes; her Sony Walkman paused on George Michael’s ‘Faith’*, following it’s release the year before.

And my Bono-wannabe dad; following every movement of ‘U2’ back to a time where their name was ‘The Hype’, or even ‘Feedback’. After spending most of his later teenage years trying to pull-off polished leather jackets and sunglasses against his jeans and jumper personality, regrettibly and begrudgingly he was forced to accept defeat; he will just never be as cool as mum.

They met that same spring, 12 years before my birth, and by now, in what seems to be a completely different time.

I often wonder what it would be like if I were alive then; the rockstar era. Would I follow in the footsteps of my effortlessly chic mother? Or would I take the latter path and follow my ragtag wannabe father? The answer is, of course, I’ll never truly know for sure. But, I can say one thing for certain; the 80’s appears to be an era which is (at least to me) infinatly desirable. With its  platform highs, long-haired lows, and everything else in-between; a time which makes my parent’s prime (wannabe rockstar or otherwise) undeniably cool.

Sunday 13th February 2000

I was born at 11pm in the very same market town where my parents first met, let alone grew up in. And yes, whilst it may be a completely different era to that which I have described, it still is one which I am particularly fond of. Sure, it has had a few, what I would classify  ‘Britany Spears’ moments, but the 80’s also had its fair share of ‘Michael Jackson-esque’ scandals too; slightly crazy, but still iconic.

I guess, what I’m trying to say, is that, whilst I do often wonder how awesome life would be if I were born in what seems to me such an exhilarating time; I also have a type of nostalgic gratitude towards my own generation too; I’m no closer to deleting my ‘golden oldies’ playlist off of Spotify than I am ‘Toxic’, because, let’s be honest, that’s a banger too.

* ‘Faith’ is still my mum’s favourite song of all time, and I don’t blame her :D.



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