“What’s happening?!”


I’m afraid I have some news which, although small and temporary, I must tell, before people become confused with what is happening.

Firstly, though, I would like to take some time to say a big thank you to those whom have decided over the past couple of weeks that my posts are likeable, let alone the ones who seem to like them enough to follow me entirely. I realise that in text form this may sound sarcastic, but believe me when I type that I have no intention of it ever coming across that way. I am truly grateful for all 6 of my followers, despite how that phrase may look or sound. So, thank you so much if you are one of them.

Moving on to the main point of this post, I would like to address the seemingly sudden disappearance of quite a few of my previous blog posts, including the entirety of Nexilis and a couple of other (especially more recent) posts. in explanation of this, I would like to state that, despite what it seems, there has been no glitch or problem with the site which has caused this; rest assured there is no ‘blog post gobblin’ gobbling up my pages (despite how amusing it is to say that: “bloody blog post gobblins!). I have, in fact privated those pages myself.

“Why would you private your posts after just publishing them?” I hear you ask. To that I would propose nothing but my own stupidity. I published many of my creative writing pieces just before and during me enrolling at university as an English Literature and Creative writing student. However, having now been there for over 2 months and having my first creative writing portfolio due in next week, I took to using many pieces of my already created (and published) works of fiction as part of said portfolio, which has made my life considerably easier.

“And?!” “Why should that be a problem?”

To answer this briefly, I could self-plagiarise; meaning that any work submitted could be easily traced back to this blog, and, as I’m not publicising this work under my own name (curse you anxiety!) I have no means to prove that the work is mine. This could cause huge consequences for my final grade, or even possibly jeopardise my future at the university, so I have taken the decision to temporarily private said posts, at least until my portfolio has been marked.

Rest assured, I’ll be keeping my blog and my academic work separate in the future. I promise this won’t happen again. I also apologise if my post’s end up being a bit irregular as a result of the removing of said posts (I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I can publicise them again).

Sorry for such a boring post, but I thought I had some explaining to do. Thank you to those who made it thus far.

In short, thank you very much for understanding,



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