Friday’s a funny day.

Today is a Friday.


The word doesn’t seem right somehow, like a word after you’ve said or looked at it for too long- except you can’t see a day, and I’ve only said it once.


That’s another word.
I imagine it looks how it sounds.
Not straight-laced and perfectly formed like the adverb suggests, but looped and spiralled with an endless abyss hidden within each of its letters- you’ll find them if you look hard enough.

“You’re funny”

Nothing wrong with that.
Its meaning is plastered all across its stupid smile as it laughs in your face.
Of course, its smile is not always stupid- sometimes it may be simple, goofy even.

Did you know you can catch smiles?
A sly smirk thrown at the end of a witty one-liner, or as the aftermath of an outrageous pun.
A comforting smile- warm and pleasant, almost as if it were complimenting the way your eye shines in that light of its own free will- and I wouldn’t blame it.
A smile filled with pure laughter as joy radiates from every inch of the being that possesses it- I often find these the most contagious out of all the smiles you can catch; it is often unprecedented and unpredictable, proceed at your own risk.

Friday is a day filled with smiles.

StUpid, sly, s i m p l e, STranGe, funny FrIday.

N.B. Hello again. I got bored in creative writing class so decided to try and write a story- ironic, I know.  I don’t really know what this passage is about but i wrote about the first thing that came to my mind at the time- so this is basically a recording of my conscience. Not sure if i should publish my conscience on the internet but, oh well. Hopefully this is vaguely entertaining, I may delete it later. Okay, that’s all for now. Thank you- Clara.